Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maryna Kavaleuskaya: Advocating for the rule of law in Belarus

Today, Maryna Kavaleuskaya joined our Rule of Law Colloquium taught by Professor Christopher Kelley via Skype to talk about practicing human rights law in Belarus and the crisis in Ukraine.

A Harvard Law Record article about Maryna is available here.  Maryna lives in Washington, D.C. with her son and husband, who is completing his master degree at Georgetown. Last December, she co-taught negotiation at the European Humanities University, a Belarusian university "in exile" in Vilnius, Lithuania with Professor Kelley. Her presentation was fascinating and well received.

Among other topics, Maryna discussed the nearly insurmountable challenges she faced during her representation of a jailed presidential challenger as a young Belarusian lawyer.

Maryna also provided an excellent synopsis of the current situation in Crimea and reiterated the importance of Rule of Law. A short video discussing the appearance of armed soldiers in Crimea is below.

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