Monday, September 9, 2013

A Fond Farewell

Last month, we said farewell to our visitors from Yeungnam University Law School in Gyeongsan, Republic of Korea. Mr. Shin and Mr. Lee spent much of their summer with us observing courses, and immersing themselves in the U.S. legal system. Their focus and dedication was impressive. Equally impressive was their adventurous spirit. In the short time they were here, Mr. Lee and Mr. Shin toured much of Arkansas and Missouri. When they had exhausted their local options, they ventured further, embarking upon a whirlwind tour that spanned Illinois, New York, Arizona, Nevada, and California. We share with you a few snapshots from their travels.

Navajo Bridge, Arizona
Chicago River, Chicago

Hollywood, California
Beverly Hills, California
Cloud Gate, Chicago
Millennium Park, Chicago
Lake Michigan at night, Chicago
Grand Canyon, North Rim