Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Connecting with Lithuania

On January 12, Professor Christopher Kelley taught a negotiation skills workshop at the Create for Lithuania program in Vilnius, Lithuania.  As describe on its LinkedIn page, " 'Kurk Lietuvai' ("Create for Lithuania") is a one-year rotation based young professionals programme launched by "Invest Lithuania" in partnership with the Lithuanian Government, aimed at Lithuanian youth who have completed their studies in foreign academic institutions.

The team of 20 selected young professionals works with strategic governmental projects of a wide scope and is provided with an opportunity to participate in high-level decision-making processes. Individual 4-months rotations in the public sector are tailor-made according to participants’ backgrounds and preferences. Participants present their projects to the Lithuanian Government as well as the public at the end of each rotation."

This is the second time Professor Kelley has taught negotiation skills in the Create for Lithuania program. Dean Julija Kirsiene of the Vytautas Magnus University Law Faculty in Kaunas, Lithuania, taught the workshop with Professor Kelley. During the week of December 6, Professor Kelley taught negotiation skills for a week at the European Humanities University, a Belarusian university "in exile" in Vlinius, Lithuania. This was the fourth time he has taught for a week at EHU.

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