Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fulbright Program in Ukraine offers Negotiation Workshop by Professor Christopher Kelley

As noted in our previous blog post, School of Law Professor Christopher Kelley was invited to moderate a Negotiation Workshop hosted by the Fulbright Program in Ukraine.

The two-day even was held this week at the Fulbright Program office in Ukraine. An excerpt from the invitation is included below:

This workshop will serve as an introduction to effective negotiation practices which will help you help you develop your negotiation skills. You will learn how to use the concepts of "best alternative to a negotiated agreement" (BATNA), "reservation price," and "bargaining zone," plus various behaviors and psychological considerations that can work for and against you in negotiations. You will also negotiate several exercises so you can "learn by doing." 

Negotiating these problems and reading the workshop’s materials, will help you learn how to plan for negotiations, how to set the negotiating agenda in your favor, how to adjust your strategies as the negotiations proceed, and how to learn and practice other negotiation strategies and tactics. 

All of us negotiate. We negotiate every day. We will negotiate for the rest of our lives. Thus, negotiation skills are life skills – your negotiating skills will help you get what you want. They are also career skills – your negotiating skills will help you serve those who rely on your negotiation skills in your professional life and will advance your career. 

The workshop readings are from Richard Luecke, Harvard Business Essentials, Negotiation (2003), and Leigh Thompson & Geoffrey J. Leonardelli, "Why Negotiation Is The Most Popular Business School Course", Ivey Business Journal (July-Aug. 2004). These materials will be the cornerstones of the negotiation skills library you will build as you advance in your career.

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