Friday, April 19, 2013

Matlock Keynote Speaker at International Conference on Challenges of Sustainable Agriculture

The article below is a reposting of a UA Newswire story on Marty Matlock, professor of ecological engineering at the University of Arkansas. View the original story here.
Marty Matlock, professor of ecological engineering at the University of Arkansas, presented the keynote address at the 4th Global Feed and Food Congress April 10 in Sun City, South Africa. 
Matlock’s presentation, “The role of animal agriculture in feeding 10 billion people sustainably,” was part of a three-part session focused on meeting sustainability challenges.  
“The challenges, opportunities and potential risks related to sustainable agricultural production are a direct result of competing land uses,” Matlock said. “Agricultural production, including crops, pasture and grazing, currently utilize more than 40 percent of the Earth's surface. In order for global agricultural producers to meet the increasing demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel, while at the same time reducing inputs and impacts, we must use every tool currently available in our collective tool box and continue to develop innovative tools that address emerging problems in an efficient, earth-friendly manner. Our future success is dependent on what we do today.” 
Marty Matlock is a professor in the biological and agricultural engineering department at the U of A, serves as executive director for the university’s Office for Sustainability and is area director for the Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability.
 Novus International, Inc. of St. Louis, a global leader in developing animal health and nutrition solutions, sponsored Matlock’s appearance at the conference.

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